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Dana Skidmore and her 9 Counselors spent one week with over 50 campers during 2014's Ecology Camp. The weather cooperated all week and the campers enjoyed exploring the Clinton Town Beach for 3 days and woodland habitats for 2 days. They spent time beach seining for fish & shrimp, tide-pooling for green crabs and asian shore crabs,  and they also explored the salt marsh habitat and loved catching fiddler crabs! Campers learned to identify osprey, cormorants, terns, egrets, herons and the different species of seagulls flying overhead. During their time spent at Peter's Memorial Woods, they explored stream beds and vernal pools and were very excited to catch many red "efts" ; the larval stage of a red spotted newt. They compared the woodland bird songs and enjoyed their discoveries of toads and salamanders. Lastly, while exploring the Indian River, the campers caught a Northern water snake and a musk turtle. Environmental skits as well as environmental running games (King Crab) were played each day and lots of fun was had by all

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