We hope that it will allow us to make many new friends and keep in touch with our many, loyal customers
who already enjoy our Restaurants. In 1979, our original "roadside clam stand" opened with just four picnic tables!
At that time, we made a very important promise to each and every one of our customers;
to serve only the finest, freshest seafood available
to give generous portions
to provide prompt friendly service
to keep our prices reasonable.
Many years later, we still stand behind this commitment. With the help of a great staff (many who have worked with us for most of these 29+ years),
we’re proud to have grown to 2 Lenny & Joe’s that serve over 10,000 people on a busy summer weekend.
With your support, we will continue this tradition for many, many more years! Enjoy your visit & taste New England’s finest seafood.
Take home a Fish Tale T-Shirt or Cap for yourself or as a gift (They’re high quality & very inexpensive) .
When visiting the Madison Drive-In, be sure to ride our authentic, handmade Dentzel Carousel.
We’re very proud that all of the ticket money is being donated to charity!
Thanks! Please Enjoy our Web Site & Come Visit Us Often!
Lenny & Joe

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