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The Clinton Land Conservation Trust is a non-profit corporation run entirely by volunteers.
 In 1967 a group of Clinton residents made the commitment to being preserving some of the Town’s unique natural resources for the benefit of future generations. As with the majority of oak, the seed was small - the first piece of donated land was less than 1 acre in size. Today, the Land Trust is profoundly grateful to these early visionaries, since the land in Clinton currently held in public trust consists of more than 750 acres. The terrain covers salt marshes and bogs, forests, ledges and meadows, representing our natural heritage and providing open space vital to all for recreation and reflection.

 The Goals of the Land Trust:

  • To preserve Clinton’s natural resources including watersheds, marshlands, woodland and open space, and the pant and animal life they support.
  • To preserve unique historic and seeing sites
  • To promote the study of local natural resources
  • To encourage public appreciation of our natural environment through education and outreach
  • To acquire additional property for the purpose of perceiving further resources


    Danielle Capri Author Clinton Land Trust Exhibit

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