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a.      88-1 Riverside Drive 9.04AC
b.      Lou Bougie – President
                                                              i.      Maintenance and Improvement of Present Holdings   
1.      Adopt A Trail Program (have list of volunteers)
2.      Identify and sign placing at Trust sites
                                                           ii.      Land Acquisition
                                                         iii.      Activities, Programs, Membership, Communication
a.      Lou Bougie, President
b.      Sign at Peters Woods vandalized
c.       Entrance to Deane Haag trail needs clean up
d.     Go ahead from DEP to make trail from Fox Hill area to State Forest land
e.      89-1 Mallard Lane (Pond) 3AC
f.        89-1A Mallard Lane .55AC
g.      89-2 Tower Hill Road (57) 5.3 AC
h.      89-3 Olde Orchard Road 0.2AC
i.        89-4 Cow Hill Road 7.3AC
j.        Adoption of Resolution
k.      Goals for 1990: improve membership, highlight different properties in newspaper; revise Land Trust brochure; identify properties LT might be interested in, identify owners of properties abutting LT property to get them interested in LT
a.      Resolution expressing opposition to all unnecessary destruction of all large rocks and trees in our landscape, and to work toward the implementation of policies and regulations to preserve them.
b.      90-1 Pleasant Valley Road 7.26 Ac
c.       90-2 East Main Street (252) 0.4AC
d.     March 1990 – passing of former board member and staunch Land Trust supporter, David Crosby
e.      New Brochure
f.        20 exercise stations placed on the logging road trail
g.      Trust now had 150 acres
h.      Adopt a Trail Program
i.        Decal designed by Bert Godwin
j.        Donation to Save the Elm fund
k.      Trail walk in Peters Woods as part of Earth Day activities
l.        Trail walk in October with Bruce Larson, Society of Foresters
m.   Acceptance of Lobsterback Wood (Carter Hill Rd)
n.      Vandalism at Peters Woods
o.      Highlights of 1990:
                                                              i.      Membership Total 167 paid
                                                           ii.      Repair of parking lot at Peters Memorial Wood
                                                         iii.      Revising and printing brochure “Hiking Trails in Clinton”
                                                         iv.      Designing and printing the trust’s decal
                                                            v.      Planning and drawing the map of the trails in Peters Memorial Wood
                                                         vi.      Placing of signs on most trust properties
a.      Lou Bougie, Lynn Mays, Karen Clinton, Carroll, Stevens, Lovett, Roger, Charles Stannard, Larsen; vacancy to fill unexpired term of Fred Smith; Newton Burr replaces Fred Smith
b.      As of 1991 Trust held 400 acres of open space, maintained seven hiking trails, monitored and prepared eight osprey platforms on the Hammock and Indian Rivers
c.       Transplant Liberty Elm to Pierson and Eliot Schools
d.     March 1991 – trail work needed, 9 signs vandalized
e.      Look into Camp Hadar property
f.        May – Map workship
g.      Trail clean up day
h.      June – educational program at Town Beach, nature walk, entertainment, exhibit of ecological elements of interest to community
i.        Damage on properties by Hurricane Bob
j.        Revision of by-laws
a.      92-1 Olde Schoolhouse Road 1.42AC
b.      92-1 Olde Schoolhouse Road 3.88AC
c.       92-2 Airline Road 1.45 AC
d.     92-3A Olde Orchard Road (74) 4.21 AC
e.      Adopt A Trail
f.        Ken McDonnell – President; Officers 1992-1993 Douglas Barrows, Newton Burr, Richard Carroll, Michael Castiglioni, Lise Kaplan-Dondy(Treas), James Lovett, Roger Manners, Lynabeth Mays, Kenneth McDonnell, Dana Whitney
g.      Executive Board: Lou Bougie, Dana Whitney, Charles Stannard, Newton Burr, Lise Dondy, Bert Godwin, Rick Carroll, Jim Lovett, Lynn Mays, Mike Castiglioni
h.      May 1992 – discuss will of Jesse Buell – 48 acres off Cream Pot Road; possible gifts of three parcels off Cow Hill Rd, Cedar Woods; land for auction interested in Lot 2475 and Lot 3963 5.28 acres off Brickyard Road
i.        Elm tree funds
j.        August 1992 – estate of Albert MacQueen wishes to donate 100 ft frontage on Boulder Lake
k.      Scout Evan Carroll volunteered maintaining osprey platforms on Hammock and Indian Rivers
l.        Question as to whether Vita trail stations should be removed, renovated
m.   April, 1992 advised LT that Land Trust will receive 48 acres of woodlot from Jesse Buell’s estate, land had been in the Buell family for 11 generations; also has a large historic cave and will be made for it
n.      Adopt A Trail: Philip Bergeron, Troop 55, assisted with refurbishing Vita Trail; Justin Friedman, Troop 7, repairs gate at Peters Woods, Brian Carroll and Steve Kehoe, Troop 7, renumbering the tree species on the Deane Haag Trail; Mike Fawcett and Tadd Wamester, Troop 7, measured the trails and maintained blazes on trails in Peters Woods
a.      President Lou Bougie
b.      First issue of The Clinton Land Trust Trust Topics newsletter – Developed by Lise Dondy and Lynnabeth Mays. Roger Manners created the masthead
c.       Commercial logging on a portion of Peters Woods started in May – aimed at removing about 500 diseased hemlock trees; equipment v
a.      94-1 Carter Hill Road (Lobster Back) 1.33
b.      Have exhibit at Chamber of Commerce Expo 94
c.       Ad hoc committee to develop work plan for Peters Woods Days in Sept.
d.     Lou Bougie retires as President – rename Vita Trail to the Louis Bougie Trail
e.      President Ken McDonnell; Richard Carroll, VP; Lise Dondy, treasurer; Lynnabeth Mays, secretary; Newton Burr on Board of Directors, also Richard Bell, Brian Wilson, Doug Barrows, Mike Castiglioni, Dana Whitney, Rev. Roger Manners, Bert Godwin, Jim Lovett; Ann Colson editor Trust Topics
f.        10 year Forestry Stewardship Incentive Plan in place – Bert Godwin obtains grant money
g.      70 members and some nonmembers spent over 550 hours planting trees, shrubs, grass and wildflowers, carried water, rocks and logs, raked wood chips, painted, collected acorns, collected records for bird study, survey trails, streams and boundaries
h.      Planted 100 white pines, 25 wildlife shrubs
i.        Built seven wildlife brush piles
j.        Construct waterbars along Bougie Trail
k.      Chosen by The Nature Conservancy to receive their 1994 Greens Ups Stewardship Award
l.        Adopt a Trail program
m.   Hire Dan Donahue to write a stewardship management plan – 10 year plan – want to create a first rate example of a what a mixed hardwood/pine forest can be in southern CT-would enhance the recreational and educational value of PMW
n.      Participate in two bird research projects: Connecticut DEP Bluebird project and Project Tanager Received a Green Ups Stewardship award recognizing the Land Trusts management and reforestation efforts at Peters Memorial Woods. 
o.      Cub Scouts from Pack 7 moved 14 truck loads of wood chips at PW as part of Scout Conservation Badge
p.     268 members
q.      First time accepting a conservation easement. Actual title to the land held by individual lot owners subject to the easement, which prohibits further destruction of natural habitat. Worked with developers of Lavender Estates that protects more than the town required amount of open space while providing new access to abutting CLCT property
r.       Accepted title to small parcel that abuts CLCT property off Cow Hill Road
a.      95-1 Hunters Path (Lavender Estates) 2.0AC easement
b.      95-2 Cow Hill Road .52
c.       95-3 Groveway (Fay) 1.67
d.     Plant 350 white pines, 175 wildlife shrubs, 9 wildlife brush piles constructed, 200 ft. of Bougie Trail covered with wood chips
e.      Construction of new walkway over marsh begun as an Eagle Scout project – Burnham Trail; Larry Malone
f.        Continuation of cooperative research project with Cornell U., Project Tanager
g.      Cooperative bluebird project with CT DEP
h.      Studies begun on fauna of four vernal pools
i.        Peters Woods work day in April
j.        Planted in Peters Woods: Black Walnut, Dogwood, Elderberry, Highbush Cranberry, Pussy Willow, Sheep Laurel, Silky Dogwood, Sugar Maple, Swamp Azalea, White Ash, White Pine, White Birch, Winterberry
k.      Nature Conservancy leads bird walk in PMW in June
l.        Natural history walk in Peters Woods in Sept. led by Bert Godwin
m.   Ken McDonnell, President; Richard Carroll, VP; Lis Dondy, Treasurer; Lynnabeth Mays, Secretary; Douglas Barrows, Richard Bell, Newton Burr, Michael Castiglioni, Ann Colson, Bert Godwin, James Lovett, Rev. Roger Manners, Dana Whitney; Ann Colson TT editor
a.      96-1 Glenwood Road (Spencer Court) 1.2 AC
b.      96-2 Walnut Hill (Factory Outlet) 2.27AC
                                                              i.      Asked for conservation easement, agreement that they would remove house. Burden on them to keep area clean. Trust allowed to use the land as a tree nursery
c.       96-3 Airline Road  3.36
d.     96-4 Walkey Mill 3.28
e.      96-5 Killingworth Turnpike (Indian River Complex) 1.0 AC
f.        Spring Field Day for Connecticut Forest Landowners
                                                              i.      Sub committee for event: Ann Colson, Newton Burr, Dick Bell, Dana Whitney, Rick Carroll, Bert Godwin (Field Day Program Coordinator)
g.      Officers and Board 1996-1997 Doug Barrows, Richard Bell, Newton Burr, Ricard Carroll, Mike Castiglioni, Ann Colson, Lise Dondy, Bert Godwin, Sally Heffernan, David Mikus, Lynnabeth Mays, Ken McDonnell, Dana Whitney
h.      Tour   on April 27, 1996 as part of the CT Forest Stewardship Program’s field day
i.        Plant alternate-leaved dogwood, arrowood, chokeberry, dogwood, hazelnut, nanny berry, white pine, white birch, wild honeysuckle, winterberry
j.        Article in Connecticut Woodlands Summer 1996 – The Renewal of Peters Memorial Woods
k.      Adopt a Trail program needs to be more than maintenance of trails; need maintenance for all properties; 1990 were asked about identifying properties and many still are not
l.        Workday November – attended by Morgan’s ecology class and Environmental Club
m.   40-50 people put in over 320 hours working in Peters Woods
                                                              i.      Cleared an acre of slash
                                                           ii.      Planted 520 White Pine seedlings
                                                         iii.      Planted 309 wildlife shrubs: 15 nannyberry, 75 Shadbush, 75 Highbush Cranberry, 50 Silky Dogwood, 4 pussywillow, 25 Hazelnut, 35 Alternate-leaved Dogwood, 25 Elderberry, 10 Winterberry, 10 Flowering Dogwood
                                                         iv.      Spread 100 ft of wood chips on Bougie Trail
                                                            v.      Planted 20 lbs of grass seed for erosion control
                                                         vi.      Constructed five wildlife brush piles
n.      Eagle Scout Larry Malone completed a walkway on Burnham Trail over Midgewater marsh (1995)
o.      Completion of Eagle Scout project by Justin Friedman creating a trail on Land Trust property connecting the parking area with the other two hiking trails in the Jesse Buell Forest. Connected existing trails, forming a loop, refreshed trail markers, cleaned up parking lot.
p.     Allocate funds for coarse stone to be deposited in the Jesse Buell Forest parking lot to correct erosion problem
q.      Mapping of Peters Woods trail system using GPS
r.       Sept 1996 request for cost sharing for practice SIP 2 Reforestation and Afforestation and practice SIP8 Wildlife Habitat Enhancement was approved by CT State Forester’s local office
s.       Survey of plants and animals to develop a biodiversity data base for Peters Woods, Total of 408 species. Complete lists: Provisional List of Plants Found, Provisional List of Animals Found
t.        Photo slide collection
u.     Study of vernal pools, mapping of sediment depth in White Rock Pool
v.      Ad hoc committee created to establish scholarship in honor of Alice Crosby
w.    People to be thanked at year’s end: David Mikus, Dr. Hank Gruner, Richard Godwin, Peter and April Shuman, Dr. Vernon Nelson, Dr. David Houston, Chris Fagan, Carol Youell, Dr. William Krinsky
x.      By Law revised October 1996
y.      Participated with the Planning and Zoning Commission and Inland Wetlands Commission in an Ad Hoc Committee on Open Space and Conservation – forum for raising environmental concerns about the direction and boundaries of commercial and residential development in Clinton
z.      Received Land Trust Service Award for increasing membership in 1995
aa. New bluebird boxes built by Brandon Hall of Troop 7
1.      1997 (30 Years)
a.      97-1 Shore Road Louella (Simms-Gardner Meadow) 1.5
b.      97-2 Iron Works Road (Birchwood Estates II- Coastline Construction) 5.4
c.       97-3 Hammock Road (Brose/Zuk Estate) .46, .21, 3.4, 8.9, 1.7,6.1
d.     97-4 Spencer Hill Road (Kenilworth VIII) 12.63
e.      97-5 Kenilworth VIII   1.0
f.        Kenneth McDonnell, President; Richard Carroll, Vice President; Lise Dondy, Treasurer; Lynnabeth Mays, Secretary; Douglas Barrows, Richard Bell, Newton Burr, Michael Castiglioni, Ann Colson, Bert Godwin, Sally Heffernan, David Mikus, Dana Whitney
g.      Ann Colson, Editor, Clinton Land Trust Topics
h.      Received 52 acres of open space
i.        Established at $1,000 scholarship to be awarded to a graduating high school senior living in Clinton in the name of the late Alice C. Crosby. First recipient Lee Buller
j.        Sponsored a Dragon Fly walk hosted by Ann Colson and Bert Godwin
k.      Awarded a Rockfall Foundation matching grant of $600 to fund a three year study of three vernal pools in Peters Woods to be carried out by Bert Godwin and the Morgan Environmental Club
l.        Michael Wolf’s Eagle Scout project to restore the Deane Haag trail. He built two new bridges, cleared and widened and reblazed the trail and refurbished the entrance located at the end of Kenilworth drive.
m.   Work Days – (2) 346 hours
                                                              i.      ½ acre slash cleared
                                                           ii.      New water bars constructed, old bars refurbished
                                                         iii.      250 White Pine seedlings planted
                                                         iv.      150 wildlife shrubs planted
                                                            v.      Wood chips spread
                                                         vi.      New plantings watered
                                                       vii.      Wildlife brush piles constructed
                                                    viii.      Black birch weeded
n.      444 species, 229 plants, 215 animals Complete lists: Provisional List of Plants Found in PMW and Provisional List of Animals Found in PMW
o.      First Alice C Crosby Environmental Scholarship went to Lee Buller

Danielle Capri
Author Clinton Land Trust Exhibit

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