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a.      Ken McDonnell President
b.      98-01 East River 1.1 AC
c.       98-2 River Road 1.8
d.     98-3 Long Hill Road (115R) 1.5 AC
e.      98-4 Elsie Lane 10.07
f.        98-5 Stone Wall Lane (18) 1.64 AC
g.      98-5A Stone Wall Lane (19) 22.55 AC
h.      Memorial Grove at the top of Bougie Trail named in honor of Bert and Jinny Godwin, “Godwin Grove”
i.        Scholarship to Catherine Eadie
j.        Two osprey platforms built – one to replace 6 Shore Rd, new one behind 38 Groveway
k.      April 1998 – host symposium concerned with inland wetland problems; subject vernal pools
l.        Vernal Pool research receives matching grant from the Rockfall Foundation
m.   Vandalism at PMW including destruction of equipment used for Wood Frog study
n.      Moth Walk led by Bert Godwin
a.      Kenneth McDonnell, Pres.; Richard Carroll, Vice President; Lise Dondy, Treas., Lynnabeth Mays, Secretary; Douglas Barrows, Michael Castiglioni, Ann Colson, Gerald Cotter, Sally Heffernan, Michael Houde, David Mikus, Dana Whitney; Ann Colson, editor Trust Topics
b.      99-1 East Main Street .29
c.       99-3 Indian River Est. 7.89 ; Country Village Rd. (11) $65,300; Fox Hill Drive $79,800; Hammock Road (Rear) $32,500
d.     Resolution 8/23/1999 re: properties closed sunset to sunrise; littering and destruction prohibited. Hunting, camping, motorized vehicles prohibited; violators subject to arrest
e.      Osprey observations
f.        Evan Carroll – 1999 Alice and David Crosby Environmental Scholarship recipient
g.      September Work Day
h.      Conservation easement donated by Henry and Lucy Elliot, 18 acres of wetland bordering Indian River. Elliot family retains ownership but the easement precludes development of the property in perpetuity. 
a.      President – Ken McDonnell; Richard Carroll, Vice President; Treasurer, Betty Shea; Lynnabeth Mays, Secretary; Douglas Barrows, Frank Byrne, Michael Castiglioni, Ann Colson, Bert Godwin, Sally Heffernan, Michael Houde, David Mikus, Dana Whiney; editor of Trust Topics, Ann Colson
b.      00-1 Briar Patch 1.35
c.       Build bridge on Bougie Trail
d.     Footbridge across Brook Trail built by Doug Barrows, Bert Godwin, Erik Leiss
e.      Peters Woods Committee – Bert Godwin, Chairman
f.        November meeting discusses restructuring and position descriptions
g.      Bert and Jinny Godwin honored by DEP with Green Circle Award for their extraordinary environmental volunteerism
h.      Scholarship winner – Craig Campbell – going to Plymouth State to study meteorology
i.        Own 580 acres, 80 parcels of property on 50 different roads
j.        Land Management Committee worked on disputed Jesse Buell Forest site. Suggest LT develop set of requirements to submit to PZC for acceptance for properties from donors
k.      Paint gun vandalism at PMW
l.        June – free seminar for landowners about land preservation options
m.   Lawsuit against Finkelday re:  seeking payment to plant 500 white pine seedlings on land he cleared
n.      Clinton lacrosse team helped project planting white pine seedlings at Jesse Buell Forest
o.      100 wildlife shrubs and wildflowers planted at PMW
p.     Administrative Committee: John Dyber 12.94 acres given to LT - mostly wetlands between Fairy Dell Rd and Glenwood Rd.
q.      LaFata deeds open space in Indian River Development
r.       In process: gift of property in Brickyard Rd area belonging to Claire Poole
s.       60 white pine seedlings given to Historical Society for a screening background for their gardens
t.        Clean up of Park Drive property
u.     Princess Pine Trail PMW groomed and re-blazed by Chuck Keating
v.      Income from Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale Carousel benefit
w.    01-2 Poole property with frontage on Fairy Dell Road and Menunketesuck Riv
x.      New signs made and installed for Rosetta Boniface and Lar Fagan Sanctuaries
y.      Issues of drainage and dirt bike use at Park Drive property
z.      Acquire small empty lot with access to harbor on Cedar Island
aa. Footbridge across Brook Trail built by Doug Barrows and Bert Godwin, helped by Erik Leiss who cut and drilled boards
a.      Kenneth McDonnell, President; Betty Shea, Treasurer; Lynnabeth Mays, Secretary; Vice President Richard Carroll; Michael Houde, Frank Byrne, David Mikus
b.      In April 24 Clinton/Killingworth lacrosse team helped plant white pine seedlings at Jesse Buell forest
c.       June 2001 letter: in the past year LT:
                                                              i.      Plant hundreds of trees
                                                           ii.      Blaze and maintain LT trails
                                                         iii.      Build and erect osprey platforms
                                                         iv.      Observe Clinton PZC meetings
                                                            v.      Scholarships
                                                         vi.      Review subdivision applications
                                                       vii.      Walk potential open space properties
                                                    viii.      Monitor CLCT preserve boundaries
                                                          ix.      Install new signs
                                                            x.      Participate in educational meetings about conservation and land preservation
d.     Brian McDermott Eagle Scout project – clearing slash and cut logs around parking area and along part of Bougie Trail and plantd 75 White Pine seedlings, built new gate
e.      Trail Day in June
f.        Resurveying properties
g.      $60.00 award from Prudential Real Estate awarded to Land Trusts representing towns in which Prudential negotiated real estate transfers
h.      Crosby Scholarship to Scott Heffernan – Crosby’s son, David, pledged to match LT fund
i.        Mike Houde and Lou Bougie constructed new osprey platform
j.        01-1 Liberty Street (Dyber) 12.94 acres (fee)
k.      01-2 James Vincent Rd (LaFata) 16.6 acres (Fee)
l.        01-2a James Vincent Rd (LaFata) 1.0 AC conserv. Easement
m.   01-3 Fairy Dell Road – Poole 4.0AC (fee)
n.      01-4 Fairy Dell Road (Subdivision) 1.0 AC (fee)
o.      01-5 Valley Road (Nawrocki) 1.0 AC (Conserv. Easement)
p.     01-6 Cedar Island (Curtin) .12 (fee)
q.      Land protected by LT is approx.. 692 acres
r.       Judy Postemsky (fills Ann Colson’s 1 yr term) and George Schaedler (fills Doug Barrows 2 yr term) added to governing board
s.       Developed resolution in response to complaints by owners of neighboring land trust land: all properties open to the public from dawn to dusk; motorized vehicles, camp fires, litter, hunting, defacement or destruction of trees, rocks or other natural land features strictly prohibited
t.        Filed complaints with police dept over vandalism at PW
u.     Became part of Board of Selectman’s Open Space Advisory Committee – to study and plan an approach for the purchase and funding of open space for the preservation of Clinton’s heritage and rural character, and for the protection of open space and ground water quality
v.      Mike Houde and Lou Bougie construct osprey platform
w.    Lou Bougie and Jeff Martini clean up Rosetta Boniface and Lars Fagan sanctuaries
a.      President, Ken McDonnell, Vice President, David Mikus; Betty Shea, Treasurer; Lynnabeth Mays, Secretary; Frank Byrne, Michael Castiglioni, Bert Godwin, Sally Heffernan, Michael Houde, Larry Ouellette, Judith Postemsky, George Schaedler, Dana Whitney
b.      New main gate on Bougie Trail was built and installed as an Eagle Scout project
c.       Stairway was constructed on Princess Pine Trail
d.     Trees planted:   30 Sugar Maple saplings, 300 White Pines, 75 Wildlife shrubs, 10 Dogwood saplings, 20 Columbine plants
e.      White Pine plantation sprayed with Malathion to control White Pine Weevil and Pine Bark Aphid
f.        50 large dead hazardous Hemlock cut
g.      8 water bars upgraded
h.      150 volunteer man hours in the woods
i.        Seedlings potted for future planting: 20 Red Cedar, 200 Dogwood seeds, 100 Columbine seeds
j.        Wood Frog census continued
k.      Over 100 species of animals and plants were added to PMW checklist
l.        Finkleday lawsuit resulted in donation of $500 toward CLCTs expenses and a boundary line agreement
m.   Workdays at Jesse Buell Forest
n.      Board bids farewell to three members who made outstanding contributions of talent and expertise, combined 36 years served and more than 4000 volunteer hours: Doug Barrows, Richard Carroll, Ann Colson; also in October, Bert Godwin
o.      December 2001: death of Howard Lyman and James Lovett
p.     Create Land Acquisition Committee – Larry Oullette, Dana Whitney, Michael Houde
q.      Life Member, John Picard, gift of 25 more signs to put on properties promulgating land use police
r.       ATV damage at Jesse Buell Forest, misuse of property off Park Drive, paintball damage at PMW
s.       Accept Lynn Miller’s .16 acre parcel of salt meadow
t.        37.4 acres of open space in Taylor Ridge, a conservation subdivision off Iron Works Rd
u.     No scholarship awarded as no qualified candidate applied
v.      Land Trust Standards and Practices – guidelines to strive toward – resolution 8/28/02
w.    CT Forest and Park Association Walk Day in Peters Woods
x.      Permission granted to scientists from Fordham U. to use Trust property to conduct a two year study of bird breeding in coastal marshes in CT
y.      Participated in Chamber Expo
z.      Diana Byrne retires as Newsletter editor
aa. Total 641 acres
bb.Eagle Scout Harry Martindale, replaced Osprey platform in Indian River
a.      Kenneth McDonnell, President; David Mikus, VP; Betty Shea, Treasurer, Lynnabeth Mays, Secretary; Frank Byrne, Michael Castiglioni, Sally Heffernan, Robert Herlihy, Mike Houde, Larry Ouellette, Judy Postemsky, George Schaedler, Dana Whitney
b.      First Annual Spring Peeper Walk led by John Picard, Life Member, and Chuck Annicelli whoHerpetologist
c.       Fund taxidermy of osprey to be displayed of Henry Carter Hull Library – osprey named Arabella after the wife of Henry Carter Hull whose estate gave the library to the town- work done by Lou Bougie, Gary Cummings, Michael Spotts (Clinton Glass), Dan Vece, Julie Victoria of DEP; Gerry Carden(taxidermist)
d.     Eagle Scout project in Jesse Buell Forest – Ed Eininger
e.      Eagle Scout Harry Martindale = osprey platform
f.        November began work on a new trail system connecting Buell Forest with newly acquired Taylor Ridge Property -48 acre tract dedicated by Questa Building and Design’s conservation subdivision. Trail would create one continuous trails system between Cream Pot and Ironworks Road
g.      Janeen and John Olsen Family Life members donated funds for the construction of an Osprey platform on Trust land along the shores of Clinton harbor.
h.      Lenny and Joe’s Charity Booth at their Carousel raised $500
i.        Crosby Scholarship awarded to Michelle Smith going to Mass. Maritime Academy
a.      Sponsored a program with Haddam, Killingworth and Madison on “forest forensics”
b.      Participated in Clinton EXPO
c.       Increased dues
d.     Ken McDonnell, President; Dave Mikus, VP; Betty Shea, Treasurer, Lynnabeth Mays, Secretary; Frank Byrne, Michael Castiglioni, Sally Heffernan, Michael Houde, Larry Ouellette, Judy Postemsky, George Schaedler, Dana Whitney
e.      Winterberry plants planted in honor of Henry Elliot in Elliot Preserve
f.        Osprey platform located in 9 acre salt marsh at the end of Pratt Road, permit secured from DEP allows for a second platform – project led by Mike Houde – gift from Mr and Mrs John Olson
g.      Crosby Scholarship awarded to Katie Sobalsky – majoring in Environmental Studies at Green Mountain College
h.      June – participated in statewide “Trail Days” program – led hike on new trail in Buell Forest
i.        June – clean up day in PMW led by Frank Byrne, Liz Isaacson, Unilever volunteers, Morgan Environmental Club members
j.        Second Annual Peeper Parade led by Chuck Annicelli and John Picard
k.      Frank Byrne chair of Land Management Committee
l.        Sally Heffernan chair of Outreach Committee
m.   Land Acquisition Committee chaired by Larry Oullette – 2 parcels obtained as part of sub-division developments, 17 acres donated by Robert and LouAnn Giunta
n.      Total of 714.87 acres; 2/3 of the parcels are 5 acres or less; 31 acres of conservation easements
o.      Challenges of locating boundaries of Trust properties
p.     Lou Bougie’s continued work on osprey platforms
q.      Bert and Jinny Godwin planting, clearing and monitoring PMW hiking trails and water courses; Bert carving a bench out of a 500 lb rock taken from Wee Brook
r.       Acquired an osprey for educational display
s.       Morgan School Soccer team volunteered with 20 others to plant a greenbelt for defining the property line at Jesse Buell Forest – plants donated by Clinton Nurseries
a.      Family Life Membership – CT Horse Council Volunteer Horse Patrol – joined in order to ride Trust trails – 104.5 hrs logged by riders in Buell Forest keeping trails open, policed and maintained
b.      Work done by Chuck Keating maintaining trail blazes in PMW
c.       3rd Annual Spring Peeper Prowl led by John Picard and Chuck Annicelli
d.     Ken McDonnell, President; Dave Mikus, VP; Betty Shea, Treasurer, Lynnabeth Mays, Secretary; Frank Byrne, Michael Castiglioni, Sally Heffernan, Michael Houde, Larry Ouellette, Judy Postemsky, George Schaedler, Dana Whitney
e.      Crosby Scholarship awarded to Hunter Houde
f.        In memoriam – Roger Manners
g.      Two parcels as open space designations within subdivision approvals: 10 acres on Old Post Road adjacent to other property owned by the trust (Albert family) and Hammocks Subdivision dedicated by the Richards family of 51 acres along the Hammock River
h.      Total acreage 776.87 acres
a.      4th Annual Peeper Patrol
b.      Ken McDonnell, President; Dave Mikus, VP; Betty Shea, Treasurer, Jane Southern, Secretary; Frank Byrne, Michael Castiglioni, Sally Heffernan, Michael Houde, Larry Ouellette, Judy Postemsky, George Schaedler, Dana Whitney
c.       Trust Topic editor for years was Lynnabeth Mays; Diana Byrne is new editor
d.     Website being put together by volunteers with the help of Networks+
e.      Volunteers meet on the 2nd Saturday of every month at various sites in town to work for two hours to maintain and improve CLCT properties
                                                              i.      Finish trails in Jesse Buell Forest, help from Girl Scout Troop 2809
f.        Expenses covered by membership dues and income from endowment left by Ethel Peters
g.      Crosby Scholarship to Zachary Borg – University of Vermont majoring in Biology, also completed his Eagle Scout project – new trail off Chittenden Hill Road and construction of wetland bridges
h.      Eagle Scout Scott Loescher – built and installed 15 new bluebird nesting boxes along Land Trust property bordering Taylor Ridge and other locations
     Lou Bougie updated map of Trust land holdings
a.      40th Year Anniversary         
                                                              i.      Educational events and educational programs, Sally Heffernan, Outreach Chair
                                                           ii.      Diana Byrne – created brochure to use for membership and fundraising
b.      Objectives:   
                                                              i.      Celebrate the past successes and achievements of the Trust since 1967
                                                           ii.      Increase local visibility by more widely publicizing its mission and by disseminating information about the lands and trails currently managed
                                                         iii.      Increase number of people involved in the affairs of the Trust by expanding membership, encouraging members to volunteer their time and promoting more trail use by members and the public in general.
c.       Ken McDonnell, President; Dana Whitney, VP; Betty Shea, Treasurer, Susan Savitt, Secretary; Frank Byrne, Michael Castiglioni, Sally Heffernan, Michael Houde, Larry Ouellette, Judy Postemsky, George Schaedler, Dana Skidmore, Dana Whitney; newsletter Diana Bryne
d.     Hosted meeting of local Land Trust leaders
e.      Lou Bougie made a documentary video of Land Trust history
f.        Table at Clinton Expo
g.      Pen and ink drawings by Bert Godwin printed in a set of note cards depicting local flora for sale, all proceeds go directly to fund Land Trust work. Sally Heffernan’s fundraising opportunity
h.      5th Annual Peeper Prowl – advertising by Dana Skidmore
i.        Renewed connection with The Morgan Environmental Club
j.        Educational Outreach – Pierson 4th graders had a walking trip to the Town beach taking part in a coastal ecology excursion, heard about life cycle of the osprey; marine biologist volunteer Dana Skidmore and Mike Houde presenters
k.      Jane Southern updated and revised membership rolls – membership 223 (in 1971 had 285, in 1983 had 68)
l.        Membership dues will now be solicited annually towards end of the year – other contributions put towards general fund
m.   Town wide mailing of new brochure
n.      Dana Whitney marked new trails in Taylor Ridge part of Jesse Buell Forest, Chittenden Hill and Kenilworth Forest properties – help from Girl Scouts who also donated $50
o.      June CT Trail Days = tour of bluebird houses at Jesse Buell Forest led by John Picard
p.     Contributed two television productions and sponsored local environmental field trips and discussions at Clinton schools
q.      Crosby Scholarship – Andrew Desrosiers – Plymouth State meteorology
r.       Co-sponsored CT Naturalist Scott Tucker (TV show Expedition New England) ten families hiked through Peter’s Woods. Arranged by Dana Skidmore and HCH Children’s Librarian Lynn Hidek.
s.       Clinton’s Youth and Family Services Bureau had a program “Hike It” for 1st and 2nd graders weekly for a month hiking PMW; old group, the Trailblazers, 3rd and 4th grade, hiked for 7 weeks combining photography with exploring nature; also introduced “letterboxing”
t.        Phot Exhibit at HCH Library Oct – Nov
u.     Board kayaked Hammonassett, Indian and Hammock Rivers to study, map and inventory the LT existing blueway properties; tri-town effort to inventory and map public sites along Hammonassett River for preservation purposes and potential recreational use. 
v.      Supported “International Coastal Cleanup Weekend”
w.    Trail maps available on website
x.      Total 745.65 acres nothing added 10/2006 -10/2007
y.      Frank Bryne, Chair of Land Management including Dana Whitney, Robert Herlihy, George Schaedler – charged with resolving land management issues including identifying and inspecting properties, boundaries and organizing trail clearing
z.      Monthly maintenance work – cleared brush for new Chittenden Hill Loop parking area, cutting and prepared trails in Kenilworth Forest, began eradicating invasive species from meadow and woods at Jesse Buell Forest; completed link from Kenilworth Forest to Deane Haage Nature Trail, cut fallen trees on Old Burncoat Rd.,

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