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a.      Ken McDonnell, President; Dana Whitney, VP; Betty Shea, Treasurer, Susan Savitt, Secretary; Frank Byrne, Michael Castiglioni, Sally Heffernan, Robert Herlihy, Michael Houde, Larry Ouellette, Judy Postemsky, George Schaedler, Dana Skidmore, Dana Whitney; newsletter Diana Bryne
b.      Pierson School Field/Beach Day
c.       In memoriam – Lynnabeth Mays
d.     Ecology Camp at PMW hosted by Dana Skidmore with Board Member Emeritus Bert Godwin who shared his insect collection; learn about vernal pools, insects, salamanders, history of hemlock destruction
e.      Three hiking enrichment summer programs through Clinton Youth and Family Service Bureau
f.        Diana Bryne resigns as newsletter editor Sept 2008
g.      Local businesses donated time and materials: Gator Creek Farms, Stevens Excavating, Technique Printers
h.      Crosby Scholarship – James Comisky – University of Delaware – environmental engineering
i.        Trust named beneficiary of Estate of Eunice Carter Symonds – approx.. $250,000
j.        Receive 2 parcels, Cow Hill Road that abuts Kenilworth Subdivision and one on Long Hill Road for a total of 12 acres
k.      Assumed trustee position from the Nature Conservancy for 1.71 acre parcel of salt marsh on Hammock Road which abuts other trust properties
l.        Total acreage 803.88 acres
m.   New project researched and surveyed – Stonewall Lane property for more hiking trails
n.      Create Lynnabeth Mays Meadow in Jesse Buell Forest
o.      Work on eradication of invasive species and planting of wildflowers.
p.     Finishing work on trail system in Kenilworth Forest
q.      Administrative, Finance, Land Managements, Land Acquisition and Public Outreach subcommittees
                                                              i.      Ongoing, permanent maintenance of an operating budget and trust fund to allow for the purchase of undeveloped open space as well as the active stewardship of all CLCT properties pursuant to nationally recognized environmental standards
                                                           ii.      Creation and maintenance of hiking trails on land trust properties particularly those at Peters Woods, Jesse Buell Forest Preserve and the Kenilworth forest
                                                         iii.      Systematic, ongoing efforts to update, survey, delineate and maintain CLCT property boundaries
                                                         iv.      Planting of indigenous trees and vegetation to enhance wildlife habitat on trust property
                                                            v.      Construction, installation, maintenance and periodic monitoring of osprey nests in open space, salt marsh areas of Clinton
                                                         vi.      Publication and distribution of maps to facilitate public use of hiking trails on CLCT property and to assist birdwatchers and naturalists in locating osprey platforms for observation purposes.
                                                       vii.      Providing input to Clinton Planning and Zoning commission as to optimum, required open space configurations for new subdivision applications
                                                    viii.      Participation in regional, state, and national environmental publications, programs, organizations, and seminars to maintain a heightened awareness of current environmental issues that concerns the Trust and impacts upon the Town’s undeveloped open spaces.
                                                          ix.      Annual award of the Alice and David Crosby Environmental Scholarship to graduating students who are Clinton residents
                                                            x.      Administration of an ongoing program to assist land owners who wish to donate Clinton property to the trust for preservation and public use. This program also provides for: tax documentation and assistance in writing and submitting of applications for state grants on open space funding.
                                                          xi.      Encouragement and active support of scouting projects on land trust properties such as trailblazing, bridge building, trail maintenance, tree planting and other wildlife projects
                                                       xii.      Active support of school, youth and other volunteer programs, presentations and activities which promote and encourage public awareness of local, state and national environmental/open space issues
a.      Michael Houde, President; George Schaedler, Treasurer; Susan Savitt, Secretary; Chuck Annicelli, Jack Breen, Frank Byrne, Michael Castiglioni, Peter Finch, Sally Heffernan, Robert Herlihy, Ken McDonnell, Gregg Mirando, Larry Oullette, Judy Postemsky, Dana Skidmore, Dana Whitney
b.      Thank Ken McDonnell for 14 years as President
c.       Approve hiring bookkeeper to provide Board with monthly and annual Treasurer report
d.     Establish new scholarship in Eunice Carter Symonds’ name to send two fourth graders and two fifth graders to Bushy Hill Day Camp for a two week session
e.      No additional land holdings
f.        Monthly work days continue focuses on maintenance of trails, brush clearing for Lynnabeth Mays Meadow, start work on repair of an Eagle Scout constructed bridge in Kenilworth Forest
g.      New signs erected at entrances to PMW, Kenilworth Forest, Chittenden Hill Preserve and Spoonwood
h.      Volunteering by Morgan Environmental Club and Lower CT River Horse Council
i.        Two walkways constructed over stream at Chittenden Hill Preserve
j.        Crosby Scholarship – Hugh Neri – UCONN Environmental engineering
k.      Booth at Clinton Expo
l.        Website maintained by Networks Plus
m.   Sponsored Ranger Ray in February for two groups of children at Indian River Complex about tracking wildlife in the snow
n.      7th Annual Peeper Patrol
o.      Connecticut Forest and Park Association Trail Day hike in Kenilworth Forest
p.     Sponsored environmental summer program at HCH Library in honor of Lynnabeth Mays- musicologist Doctor Dennis Waring “From Trash to Tunes”
q.      Dana Skidmore conducted ecology camp at Town Beach and Peters Woods
r.       Sue Savitt updated membership
s.       Beneficiary $200,000 from estate of Eunice Carter Symonds
a.      Michael Houde, President; Vice President, Dana Whitney; Secretary, Sue Savitt; Geore Schaedler, Treasurer; Chuck Annicelli, Jack Breen, Jack Byrne, Michael Castiglioni, Sally Heffernan, Kenneth McDonnell, Gregg Mirando, Larry Ouellette, Dana Skidmore, Dana Whitney; Newsletter Editor, Glynis Houde
b.      Membership 171
c.       Finance Committee: George Schaedler (Treas) Ken McDonnell, Jack Breen, Annie Sterna (bookkeeper), Mike Houde
d.     Adopted an Investment Policy Statement – framework for the Trust ‘s investments and enables the Trust to generate enough money to fund out mission while protecting the investments already in place
e.      Frank Byrne – chair of Land Management Committee; also Dana Whitney, George Schaedler, Greg Mirando, Peter Finch – charged with resolving land management issues, including identifying and inspecting properties and bounderies and organizing trail clearing and other maintenance projects; completed work on the repair of an Eagle Scout constructed bridge in Kenilworth Forest; orchestrate volunteer efforts; helped with project cutting back invasive species at Willard Island, assisting Friends of Hammonasett; worked on water bar installations at parking lot at Jesse Buell Forest; participated in the shellfish seeding project with the Clinton Shellfish Commission
f.        Dana Whitney has drawn a map for the trails created in Kenilworth Forest. 
g.      Maps of properties can be downloaded from website
h.      Website maintained by John Pease of Networks Plus, assisted by Judy Postemsky
i.        February Winter Animal Tracking Programs
j.        8th annual Peeper Patrol
k.      Sponsored Connecticut Forest and Park Association Trail Day hike in Kenilworth Froest
l.        Led annual field trips to Town Beach by Pierson students
m.   Sponsored an environmental summer program at HCH Library in honor of Lynnabeth Mays
n.      Dana Skidmore led summer ecology camp oat Town Beach and Peters Woods
o.      Pave driveway at Peter’s Woods
p.     Dana Whitney working on forest inventory of Jesse Buell Forest to help LT establish a value on the trees and vegetation, in case of hurricane, fire. Base value allows LT to get funding from Federal Governemtn tohelp with the costs of reforesting
q.      Additional donation of $118,408 from the estate of Eunice Symonds – scholarship set up in her name
r.       Sent four students from the Pierson School to Bushy Hill Day Camp, environmental education day camp – Maya Kadel, Josh Molyneaux, Karla Rivadeneira, Madison Seeger
s.       Outreach Committee chair, Sally Heffernan; also Larry Ouellette, Mike Castiglione, Judy Postemsky, Dana Skidmore – in charge of publicity and environmental educational; joined in International Beach Clean-up Day
t.        New committee: Grants and Land Acquisition Committee – chair, Chuck Anicelli, also Mike Castiglioni, Larry Outllette, Greg Mirando, Frank Byrne
u.     Hold 793.94 acres, also own conservation easements on six privately owned parcels (20 AC)
v.      $1000 David and Alice Crosby scholarship awarded to Michael Fanning
w.    $2000 Eunice Carter Symnods Scholarship
x.      Donations made to Trust for Public Land, Summer Ecology Camp, Henry Carter Hull Library summer program in memory of Lynnabeth Mays
y.      Focus on continued maintenance of trails, cleared brush and mowed at Jesse Buell Forest for the creation of the Wildlife Meadow in memory of Lynnabeth Mays
1.      2012
2.      2013
a.      CLCT celebrates contributions of Lou Bougie to the preservation of Clinton’s natural resources held in Sept. on trust property near Hammock Rover
b.      Bert Godwin d. 12/2014
4.      2015
5.      2016
6.      2017

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