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Dana Skidmore and her 9 Counselors spent one week with over 50 campers during 2014's Ecology Camp. The weather cooperated all week and the campers enjoyed exploring the Clinton Town Beach for 3 days and woodland habitats for 2 days. They spent time beach seining for fish & shrimp, tide-pooling for green crabs and asian shore crabs,  and they also explored the salt marsh habitat and loved catching fiddler crabs! Campers learned to identify osprey, cormorants, terns, egrets, herons and the different species of seagulls flying overhead. During their time spent at Peter's Memorial Woods, they explored stream beds and vernal pools and were very excited to catch many red "efts" ; the larval stage of a red spotted newt. They compared the woodland bird songs and enjoyed their discoveries of toads and salamanders. Lastly, while exploring the Indian River, the campers caught a Northern water snake and a musk turtle. Environmental skits as well as environmental running games (King Crab) were played each day and lots of fun was had by all

The Clinton Land Conservation Trust, Inc. was founded in 1967 by concerned citizens as a private, non-profit organization chartered by the State of Ct. The purpose and functions of the Trust according to its Certificate of Incorporation are:

1 ) To promote the Preservation of natural resources of the Town of Clinton, including water resources, marshland, swamps, woodlands and open spaces, and unique scenic and historic sites.

2 ) To promote the study of local natural resources and to inform and educate the general public with respect thereto.

3 ) To acquire property by gift, purchase, or otherwise, and to hold and use it to carry out the above-stated purposes.


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Monthly CLCT Work Project


On the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of every month, CLCT Volunteers meet at 8:am at various sites to work for two hours to maintain and improve CLCT Properties in town.  Continue to check this site to obtain the specific date for each months work date and information.



          We'll be doing more trail clearing so folks should bring the usual - loppers, hand saws, hand pruners, gloves, etc.

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Presidents Comments

    October 21, 2013
I would like to take this opportunity, as I do each year, to extend our sincere thanks to all the volunteers who have given their time to help the Board achieve its goals over this past year. We couldn’t do all we do without your help.
            I’d like to take a step back for a minute and reconnect with what we, as a land trust, are all about. The Land Trust Alliance defines a land trust as “ a nonprofit organization that, as all or part of its mission, actively works to conserve land by undertaking or assisting in land or easement acquisitions, or by undertaking in the stewardship of such land or easements.” That is no small task. In addition to acquiring and/or maintaining land, each year there seem to be more layers of paperwork, insurance, tax laws and filing requirements, etc. that trusts have to deal with. Being made up entirely of volunteers, it can sometimes be a tall order to fulfill all of our responsibilities.
 But our main focus still has to be protecting and preserving the land.

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Respectfully submitted,  Michael J. Houde    President of the Clinton Land Conservation Trust, Inc.    

Clinton Land Conservation Trust sponsors 4 Pierson Students to attend Bushy Hill Nature Camp.

Clinton Land Conservation Trust sponsors 4 Pierson Students to attend
Bushy Hill Nature Camp for two weeks during the summer.
This year's winners are:
From left to right
Camryn Smith, Maddie Tuccitto, Sierra Innamorato, Jahayra Lopez
      We wish them a memorable, life-changing experience this summer!   Read More...


 Clinton land trust gets 18 acres in heart of town
  CLINTON >> About 350 years after her ancestors acquired the property, Lucy Elliot has donated some 18 acres bordering the Indian River to the Clinton Land Conservation Trust.

 The property is viewed as without rival in the town’s historic district for its size and natural beauty, offering uplands and wetlands that follow the rivers meandering course to Clinton Harbor.     read more